Roblox game for everyone


If you never heard about this game, so – ROBLOX is the best place to create something online, i mean build games. Of corse you can meet other people and chat, find new friends and together build game or just talk, if you dont like this idea, go and just have some fun while playing game. You can play this game not only with PC like it was on first version for app, but now you can play roblox on other device like: MAC, iOS – iphone or iPad, Android, amazon devices, xbox one console too.

Roblox never will be boring. Why? Couse players and gamers create a games with roblox. Games created already about 20 000 000, so you can try try and try new games everyday 24/7.

Roblox very popular for kids, couse they can do what they imagine! They just forgot real toys couse on the internet they can create our toys, create some amazing games, learn little of codes, or just play with great graphics and community! They do not need meet friends anymore, couse they can meet them online, in the roblox! Funny? Yes, couse it is future. 🙂


Some facts about roblox

in 2017 roblox developers and team members got big prize: one of the 5000 fastest growing private company in America.

  • Daily visitors to roblox: almost 2 000 000
  • Montly visitors to roblox: 55 000 000
  • Top game in the United States of America.